The Israeli Voice for Sanity

The well-known saying about the Holy Roman Empire was: it wasn't Roman, nor very holy, and it wasn't much of an empire.
I'm reminded of that every time I hear or see something about the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). It's not Jewish at all – and I wonder how many of its leaders and adherents are really Jewish; it's not a voice for anyone but itself – I've been banned three times from its FB page for voicing a dissenting view; it's certainly not for peace, it's just all out for anti-Israel propaganda and seeks the destruction of the only Jewish state in the world (and, may I add, the only one we Jews seek to have, and then only in the land we believe is ours, which is less than one per cent of the Middle East).
Of course the fact that there are people, allegedly Jewish but in fact are against the Jewish nation and seek its harm, is not a new phenomenon. An example of "Jewish" enemies of the Jewish people before JVP was the Yevsektzia – the "Jewish" section of the Cheka (later better known as the KGB) that was in charge of destroying Jewish life and lives in the newly-born Soviet Union and many of its members were of Jewish origin.
As Comrade Lenin had once told the Jewish Socialists – the Bund – you cannot be a true socialist and also be a Jewish nationalist. Indeed, when Trotsky was attacked by some communists, after the Bolshevik Revolution, for being a Jew – Lenin defended him not by denouncing anti-Semitism, but rather by explaining that since Trotsky was a true Bolshevik, he wasn't really a Jew!
Closer to the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict you have the ideological predecessors of JVP – the Jews who were fervent and active members of the Communist party in the United States. These Jewish Communists had a Yiddish newspaper called the Freiheit. Being good communists – they were anti-Zionist, or in other words – they denied the right to self-determination to their own people in its ancient and newly reborn homeland. In 1929 some of the Arabs in the Holy Land, under the inspiration and exhortations of their leadership, broke out in riots against the Jews, and massacred scores of unarmed Jews, whether they were Zionists or not, and without distinguishing between men, women or children. The worse massacre took place in Hebron, where Jews had lived for millennia. At first, the Jewish Communist Freiheit condemned the bloodshed, in line with all of the rest of the Jewish community in America. Later, though, after being pressured by the Jewish Bureau of the Communist Party, the editors reversed their position and presented the Arabs as "fighters for national liberation" (quote taken from a book of Jewish history in America, "The Land that I Show You", by Stanley Feldstein, printed by Anchor Books, 1979, p.324).
There is a type of people who support every liberation movement, no matter how disconnected to justice the movement is and regardless of how disregarding of basic human rights and how violent it may be – except the Jewish Liberation Movement, also known as Zionism, regardless of how deeply rooted it is in justice and how much it strives and tries to be non-violent and respecting of human rights.
There are Jews who support every cause, no matter how detached from reality and justice, and will not support the cause of the Jewish people.
The so-called Jewish Voice for Peace supports the BDS movement which aims at destroying Israel. Israel has published a list of people and organizations that will no longer be given entrance to Israel, organizations that support BDS and actively seek Israel's harm.
This shouldn't come as a surprise. Just imagine that a group of bullies in your kid's school are shunning and shaming your child. Imagine then that your kid is having a party at your home. Those bullies then wish to enter your home in order to find more ways to shame and intimidate your child. Would you give them entrance to your home? I hope we all have enough sense to not help them shame and shun our children! Israel is a sovereign state with the right to refuse its enemies entry to its land.