4 Czechs get long prison for attack on Roma family

PRAGUE — A Czech court has convicted four right wing extremists of an arson attack on a Roma family that badly injured a 2-year-old girl, and has sentenced them to stiff prison terms.
David Vaculik, Jaromir Lukes, Ivo Mueller and Vaclav Cojocaru were charged with racially motivated attempted murder for an attack in April last year on a Roma family's house in Vitkov.
The four pleaded not guilty.
The court in the northeastern city of Ostrav sentenced on Wednesday Vaculik, Lukes and Mueller to 22 years in prison each, and Cojocaru to 20 years.
The 2-year-old girl suffered severe burns to 80 percent of her body and was in serious condition for months. Her parents were also hospitalized.