Ad featuring Netanyahu to debut in Florida

As the US presidential election heats up, a new ad featuring Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is set to hit the airwaves in the crucial swing-state of Florida on Thursday, Politico reported.
The ad features footage of Netanyahu at a recent press conference saying, "The fact is that every day that passes, Iran gets closer and closer to a nuclear bomb. The world tells Israel wait, there's still time. And I say wait for what? Wait until when?" followed by a voice-over saying "The world needs American strength, not apologies." While not naming either candidate explicitly, Republicans have accused US President Barack Obama of "apologizing for America."
According to Politico's report, a million dollars worth of ad-space will target the clip in the Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers, areas with large Jewish populations.
The company behind the clip is a 501(c)4 non-profit called Secure America Now, which does not have to disclose its donors, but was founded by Republican pollsters John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell.