AIPAC, J Street back separate letters to Obama

WASHINGTON – AIPAC and J Street backed separate letters in the US Senate Tuesday welcoming US President Barack Obama’s trip to Israel, with the former emphasizing Israel’s security challenges and the latter calling for US support for a two-state solution.
The AIPAC-backed letter by Sens. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) and Susan Collins (RMaine) begins by labeling Palestinian unilateral efforts at the UN “unacceptable” and urging Obama to clearly reject this strategy as well as delegitimization of Israel.
The letter also refers to the need for Palestinians to stop incitement and renounce Hamas, and stresses that the current upheaval in Arab countries is “not directly related to the peace process” even as a peace deal remains important.
The letter garnered more than 60 signatures, according to AIPAC.