Al-Jazeera reporter: Heavier police presence in Cairo

The Al-Jazeera TV network on Monday reported that the military presence in downtown Cairo "just keeps getting stricter day by day; there's more roadblocks, more barbed wire, there's more restrictions on who can move about and TV cameras are more restricted."
In an online audio posting on the network's Twitter feed, Al-Jazeera "has confirmed that regular police are redeploying in the city, they're back on the streets...they were seen at a police station...on the west side of the Nile, southwest of central Cairo."
An Al-Jazeera correspondent said that police were spotted "at a police station where the civilians on the street reportedly were not actually unhappy to see them. They were shaking hands and talking casually, perhaps happily...which might not make immediate sense since these are the people who are blamed for the deadly violence that racked the city just days ago but that's what our crews are seeing," said the reporter.
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