Amsalem: Most ultra-orthodox want to serve Israel

Maverick Shas MK Haim Amsalem said Monday that most haredim want to serve Israel, either via the IDF or national programs, and that only a small number of them should be exempt from service.
Speaking to Israel Radio, Amsalem said "The majority [of the haredi world] is pro-serving," adding "we must be active participants in the [public] burden... We must stop with this demagoguery, particularly in the Sephardi world. It is possible to study torah while doing other things."Regarding the number of haredim that should be exempted from service, Amsalem said that "almost all haredim should join the IDF save a small number studying in yeshivot." Amsalem added that "there are those that have legitimate reasons why they can not serve in the IDF. But in those cases, they should perform national service."
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