The Jewish Agency honored those active in rescue of Jews from Ukraine

The Jewish Agency organized a special event on Sunday, honoring hundreds of volunteers, Jewish Agency employees and the organizations involved in the rescue operation to evacuate the Jews from the inferno areas of Ukraine. As part of the event, a certificate of appreciation was awarded to philanthropist Dr. Miriam Adelson for her "tremendous contribution to bringing Jews from Ukraine while providing assistance to rescue operations at the border crossings."

"It's been four months since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, in which we acted 'as one man with one heart', through hundreds of volunteers and partner organizations to realize the Zionist vision on which the Jewish Agency's values ​​are based," said chairman of the World Zionist Organization and acting chairman of the Jewish Agency, Yaakov Hagoel.

These values, according to Hagoel, are "promoting the Aliyah and rescuing of Jews, specifically the Jews of Ukraine at this pressing time.  

"It is time to pay tribute to those involved in this emergency operation, especially to those who contributed to the rescue and immigration efforts of the Jews of Ukraine."