Herzog urges respect between religions during visit to Haifa monastery

President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday called for respect of all religions during a visit to the Stella Maris Monastery, which has been the scene of tensions between Christians and Breslov Hassidim who have attempted to hold prayers in the monastery.

“In recent months we have seen very serious incidents against the Christian denominations in the Holy Land, our brothers and sisters, Christian citizens who feel attacked in the places of prayer, in the cemeteries, on the street. I view this phenomenon extremely seriously, it is unacceptable in any way. This phenomenon needs to be uprooted, and I am very grateful to Israel Police and the enforcement agencies for taking this issue seriously.”

“Here too, [in] this peaceful, beautiful community, hundreds of years old - under no circumstances should it feel threatened. We must respect the members of all religions, we have committed to this since the dawn of our existence. This is the most basic commandment of 'love your neighbor as yourself.’”