Ashkenazi: The North is safe, we are monitoring southern Lebanon

Despite the Katyusha attack on Israel over the weekend from southern Lebanon and evidence of ongoing Hizbullah efforts to rearm, the Galilee is safe and should be a preferred destination for Israeli vacationers, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said on Tuesday. "We are paying close attention to the events on the northern side of the border, and therefore responded to the Katyusha fire immediately and proportionately," Ashkenazi said during a Rosh Hashana toast at the Northern Command headquarters, attended by military personnel as well as local residents. On Friday, two Katyusha rockets launched from southern Lebanon landed near Nahariya. The IDF fired about 15 artillery shells at the source of the shooting immediately afterward. "The Lebanese army and government are responsible for preventing such attacks. Everyone wants quiet, but we are prepared. We have our eyes open and are following the events in southern Lebanon. The explosion in the hidden weapons cache [in July] proved that Hizbullah is still in the process of arming itself. I can't see an interest on their behalf to end the situation, so we won't be complacent," he assured. "The North is safe. I recommend vacationing in the Galilee. My family and I have plans to be here for the holiday, and I invite all Israelis to come and experience the views and get to know the wonderful people living here," he added.