Assault at Jerusalem light rail leaves police officer in hospital

An Israeli man was arrested Sunday morning after assaulting a light rail security guard and responding police officer in downtown Jerusalem, putting the officer in the hospital with light wounds.
According to Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the attack occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m. at the Ha Davidka stop, between the Mahane Market and  Jaffa Center, the  when the unidentified suspect began pummeling the security guard without provocation.
“The man began beating the security guard in the face with his fists on the light rail, and when police in the area came to help him, the man continued to throw wild punches in all directions,” Rosenfeld said.
“He then repeatedly struck one of the responding officers, who was treated at the scene and then taken to an area hospital in light condition for treatment.”
The security guard did not require medical treatment, but sustained numerous bruises on his face, he said.
While Rosenfeld said that background of the assault is unclear and being investigated, he noted that it appeared to be a criminal matter and not nationalistically motivated.
The suspect remains in police custody after being arraigned at Jerusalem District Magistrate’s Court, he said.
Following the attack, the light rail resumed service, without further disruptions, Rosenfeld said.