Ayalon: Members of UN mission won't be allowed into Israel

Israel will not permit entry into the country to members of the UN Human Rights Council's fact-finding mission established to probe the effects of settlements on Palestinian human rights, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told Israel Radio Sunday morning.
Ayalon's comments came following the decision made Thursday by the UNHRC to set up the mission.
Israel will consider whether it is worthwhile to continue its membership at the UNHRC, which Ayalon said is being used for political bashing against Israel, and is allowing Palestinians to prepare what he called "Goldstone two." He reiterated previous statements made by government officials that Israel would not cooperate with the mission.
The deputy foreign minister added that Israel must send a clear message to the Palestinians that they cannot try to harm Israel and simultaneously benefit from gestures that the the Jewish state makes for them. "We have many resources but we will act with discretion and will not shoot from the hip," affirmed.
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