Barak downplays crisis between Israel, US on Iran

Defense Minister Ehud Barak downplayed differences between the US and Israel on the Iranian threat on Thursday, saying that the leadership of both countries agreed that Iran must not be allowed obtain nuclear weapons capability.
"It is very important that when Israel says that it is not possible to allow a nuclear Iran and that all the options are on the table, it means it. There is agreement between us and the Americans on the need, but there are differences about how fast the clock is ticking. We're continually reviewing the reality, and the Americans understand and know from us that Israel reserves the right and the responsibility to decide for itself on matters related to its future and security, and they respect this," Barak told Globes.
The defense minister stated that the crisis between the countries had been exaggerated in the media.
"Obviously, it would be better for us were the Americans to speak out more, though they have spoken a lot...They have explicitly made two quality descriptions of red lines, not detailed like the small print in a financial contract, but lines: if the Iranians close the Straits of Hormuz, we'll be forced to act; and if there is a breakthrough to a nuclear weapon, we'll be forced to act. They have explicitly indicated this."