Barak: We achieved all our goals against Hamas

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday said the goals of Operation Pillar of Defense have been achieved.
Speaking in a press conference following the announcement of a cease-fire, Barak stated "all our objectives were reached, taking out the fajr rockets, rocket launching pads, and Hamas offices."
Barak added that Israel has increased deterrence, "harming Hamas and its ability to grow with minimal harm to our homefront and innocent civilians, and maximum damage to terrorists."
Commenting on the recent rocket barrage on the south following the cease-fire announcement, Barak stated: "Even in this late hour, rockets continue to fall on Israeli territory. Southern communities in Israel will continue to be under attack in the coming days."
Barak thanked the IDF and its commanders, as well as the Obama administration for its aid in funding the Iron Dome.
He added that Israel "expect hamas to fully implement the ceasefire agreement."