Benayoun: I'm not sure I'll be a part of this campaign, or the next one

Israel's soccer national team captain Yossi Benayoun said he will consider how to move on following the failure of the team against Latvia on Saturday evening. Israel lost 0-1. "I am not sure I will be part of this campaign, or the one after. When I see I do not contribute, I will retire," Benayoun was quoted by Army Radio as saying. The team was booed by its fans at the end of the match, and Benayoun said "I would also boo [coach Dror] Kashtan's team." Kashtan, on his side, said the game was a disappointment but added "we have been disappointed for 40 years." He said he had no intention of resigning. Regarding Benayoun's statement, Kashtan said "it happens that a player expresses his discontent, but it happens all over the world."