Border policeman indicted for selling 100 stun grenades

A 21-year-old border policeman was indicted for selling over 100 stun grenades and other weapons in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Monday.
According to the court documents, Idan Cohen sold the grenades for NIS 250 each, working in cooperation with 30-year-old Peretz Naftaliev, who was previously known to police. Cohen had allegedly polished the grenades so that the serial number, which could be traced back to the border police, was not visible.
In a raid of his home on December 9, police discovered hundreds of stolen bullets in addition to gunpowder and 133 stolen backpacks. Police also discovered materials for making homemade explosives. Cohen, who started serving with the border police in December 2008, is believed to have stolen some of the equipment during operations.