Cabinet approves extension of daylight savings Time

The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved draft legislation to extend daylight savings time, the Prime Minister's Office announced.
According to the legislation, daylight savings time will be extended to an average of 193 days, as opposed to the current 182.  The shift to daylight savings time will come into effect at 02:00 on the Friday of the last week in March and will end at 02:00 on the Sunday after October 1, according to a statement issued by the PMO.
Extending daylight savings time will promote better coordination with Europe's economic clock, extend daylight hours, and save electricity and resources for the Israeli economy.  In order to hasten completion of the legislation so that it might take effect this year, the cabinet authorized the Ministerial Committee for Legislation to discuss the draft and submit it to the Knesset.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that this was an important and long overdue step. "Now, we will be able to consider how the issue works in practice. This has been discussed for years and it was not possible to check its actual effects, but we are taking action," he said.