Cabinet approves NIS 680m. plan to strengthen Druse towns

The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a multi-year plan to strengthen Druse and Circassian villages, allocating NIS 680 million.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu formulated the initiative in cooperation with the Finance Ministry and the Druse and Circassian communities in order to reduce gaps in education, vocational training and development.
The communities included in the plan are: Yarka, Beit Jann, Julis, Hurfeish, Kisra-Samia, Yanoach-Jat, Sajur, Kafr Kama, Ein al-Assad, Reihania, Peki'in, Rama and Abu Sinan.
Netanyahu said: "We have a special relationship with the Druse and Circassian sectors, which contribute so much to the IDF, the State and its security. We are aware of the problems in the sector and today we want to correct the plight that has built up over the years."