Chief Rabbi Metzger arrives at Yasuf to denounce vandalizing of mosque

Chief Rabbi Metzger arri

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yonah Metzger arrived Monday for a visit to the village of Yasuf in order to decry the vandalizing of a mosque that took place over the weekend. Metzger was received with protests by dozens of Yasuf residents, who were waiving Palestinian Authority flags and holding up banners in Hebrew, English, and Arabic against West Bank settlements. At the entry to the damaged mosque, Metzger denounced the incident, saying, "We, the nation of Israel, were traumatized 70-years ago, when the greatest destruction in our history, the Shoah, began as the burning of synagogues during Kristallnacht." "We are still living this trauma. And in the state of Israel we will not allow a Jew to do something like this to Muslims," Metzger added.