Chinese official: International communities must join to combat terrorism

China's special envoy to Syria emphasized that all relevant forces should strengthen cooperation in combating terrorism without distinction, during his visit to Damascus, capital of Syria on Saturday.
"The international communities should pay more attention to anti-terrorism issues, should have more sincere cooperation to put strength in fighting against terrorism together. I have to emphasize that when we strike at terrorists, we should not do it selectively, should not abide by double standards, or even multiple standards," said Xie Xiaoyan.
Xie also showed his expectation that Syria people could get rid of the current situation and stated that China will continue providing humanitarian aid within its power.
"I hope that the region can become peaceful and stable; that people here, especially the homeless refugees can return to their hometown and start a normal life. I hope Syria will see economic development and social progress; that local people can live a better life," added Xie.
In addition, Xie also noted that China will keep communicating with different parties involved in the Syrian crisis and do utmost to promote the peaceful solution.
"I firmly advocate that Syria's opposition could also take part in the process of peaceful solution, and a real negotiation would be launched among different parts. China is trying to persuade those related parties, hoping that Syria can realize national reconciliation and then constitute its new government," said Xie.
Since 2011, Syria has got into a turbulent situation, with opposition forces against the country's government. On May 2 this year, during the Astana talks, Russia, Iran and Turkey signed a memorandum on the creation of four or more safe zones in Syria - analysts believed that the establishment of the agreed safe zones, or de-escalation zones, in Syria could be the most concrete step toward resolving the long-lasting conflict in the war-torn country.