Coca-Cola Israel recalls beverages due to manufacturing defect

Coca-Cola Israel recalls

For the third time in three days, Coca-Cola Israel recalled products after the company discovered that a manufacturing defect caused a foul smell in several carbonated beverages. The company stressed that while it wanted consumers to return the products, drinking the defected beverages would not cause any physical harm. The company asked the public not to consume the following beverages: * Plastic 1.5-liter Coca-Cola and Diet Coca-Cola bottles with March 17-23, 2010 expiration dates. * Plastic 1.5-liter Diet Sprite bottles with a March 22, 2010 expiration date. * Glass 350-ml. Coca-Cola bottles with April 21-22, 2010 expiration dates. * Coca-Cola cans with a July 21, 2010 expiration date. * Glass 250-ml. Soda bottles with March 18-19, 2010 expiration dates.