COGAT head says Hamas violates Islamic law by sending children to fight

A seven year old Palestinian girl was pushed towards the security fence and returned to her parents by IDF soldiers during the Friday riots that marked the Palestinian Day of Land.
COGAT head Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai slammed Hamas for not following Islamic traditions by citing a Hadit (things said or done by the founder of Islam based on testimonies of people who knew him) in which a follower of Mohammad says that he introduced himself to the prophet at age 14 and was not allowed to fight, but when he asked again to fight at age 15 he was given permission.
''Did Mohammad send little girls to dangerous places and conflicts?'' Asks Mordechai, ''Of course not...Hamas believes there is nothing wrong to risk every child in Gaza with death, in a way that is against Islam!''
Calling the act Haram [Shame] Mordechai said that there is ''no greater shame'' than enlisting children.
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