Continued beach closures due to sewage danger

Several beaches in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Bat Yam would continue to be closed for swimming through December 8, due to recent sewage work carried out by the Dan Region Association of Towns for Sewage and Environment (the Igudan), the Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday. The decision was made following the recommendation of the Environmental Protection and Health ministries, and affects Charles Clore Beach, Jerusalem Beach, the Separate Beach Tzuk Beach North in Tel Aviv, as well as Sharon and Acadia Beach South in Herzliya and designated beaches in Bat Yam.
The Interior Ministry had initially announced last Wednesday that the closures would only impact certain Herzliya and Tel Aviv beaches, from November 29 through December 2. On Monday, the environmental organization Zalul led a protest in Tel Aviv against the situation, describing how the Igudan was dumping some 200 million liters of raw sewage into the Mediterranean Sea as part of the infrastructural works.