Court exonerates social justice leader Dafni Leef of all charges

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Monday ruled to exonerate social justice activist Dafni Leef of all charges, canceling an indictment against her.
The ruling was noteworthy because a ruling of "innocent of all charges" is the most complete ruling of innocence a defendant can get, as opposed to a mere ruling of not guilty by virtue of lack of sufficient evidence, which can send a mixed signal.
The ruling came after Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein ordered the closing of the case against Leef last week. 
Police had accused Leef of “using force” and resisting arrest. She countered that police improperly roughed her up at a June 2012 protest.
Leef said before the opening of her trial that the police were trying to oppress her and other’s free speech, but that she would not back down and hoped “cooler thinking” prevailed over “thuggery.”
From the beginning, the case was controversial as the state attorney's office refused to file it, opposed the police filing it and the police had to use its own independent counsel to move the case forward.
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