Court extends remand of settlers accused of assaulting cops

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday extended by two days the remand of three settlers arrested last week for attacking three undercover Israel Police posing as Palestinian shepherds on a hilltop outside Susiya in the West Bank.
According to the court protocol, on October 4th, three cops dressed as Palestinian shepherds were standing on a hill outside Susiya when they were approached by a settler who told them they had one minute to leave. Police said the suspect then made a phone call and within moments, the three suspects arrived armed with sticks, with their t-shirts pulled over their faces as masks.
Police said the men immediately began attacking the police, who began yelling “police! police!” and fighting back, using pepper spray and arresting the three suspects. The fourth man, the one who initially called the three suspects for back-up, fled and has not been arrested.