Court extends remand of Syrian infiltrator in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court extended the custody of Hassan Hijabi, the 28-year-old Syrian-Palestinian clerk who infiltrated the northern border from Syria during Sunday's 'Nakba day' disturbances. Hijabi turned himself in and was arrested for illegally entering Israel after being interviewed on Channel 10.
His attorney, Ari Shamai, called on the State to release Hijabi and deport him back to Syria, saying there would be "no use in his continued custody." Shamai said Hijabi posed no national security threat and was unarmed when he entered the Golan Druse town of Majdal Shams on Sunday.
From there, Hijabi told Hebrew media, he hitched a ride "with peace activists to Tel Aviv." Hijabi called for Arab armies to invade Israel during the interview, minutes before being arrested and taken to a Tel Aviv police station for questioning.