Court rejects petition of 14-year-old wannabe rabbi

The High Court of Justice on Thursday rejected the petition of Moshe Raziel Sharifi that the Chief Rabbinate be forced to check his ordination exam, so that he may be able to be ordained as a rabbi.
The Chief Rabbinate's policy determines 22 as the minimal age for ordination, but Sharifi had proceeded to fill out the necessary forms ahead of last July's examination, to which he was invited by the Department of Examinations and Certifications of the Chief Rabbinate. The rabbinate later said the invitation was a result of a mistake. While taking the test, however, Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar noticed the young face, and ordered that his test not be checked.
Following this decision, Sharifi's father Nissim – an attorney – filed in November a petition to the court. On Thursday, the court rejected the petition and ordered that the petitioners pay NIS 10,000 legal expenses. The court also ignored the Nissim Sharifi's request that it reprimand the Chief Rabbinate for ignoring him.