Danon: Israel, Palestinian prisoners deal 'serious error'

Likud MK Danny Danon called the deal signed between Israel and Palestinian prisoners on Monday that accepted certain demands of the inmates concerning improving their conditions a serious mistake, calling on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to convene urgently over the matter.
"It is a serious error, instead of worsening the conditions of terrorists we are giving them gifts," Danon charged. "The terms of prisoners must be clear: no family visits, no allowance to buy [personal] products, and no cancellation of solitary confinement for key prisoners."
Danon said just as Israel did not allow a visit to prisoners from the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, so too Israel should not permit visits to Hamas inmates.
The Likud MK called on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to hold an emergency session to discuss the contents of the agreement, and to try and prevent its implementation.