Yoav Galant on possibility of an 'all-out war' with Gaza

"We see the possibility of an all-out war in the Gaza Strip as a final option. I suggested that exhaust all other possibilities earlier." said Construction and Housing Minister and Kulanu party member and retired service veteran Yoav Galant.
"We surprised Hamas and hit it hard in the past and will know how to do it in the future if we need to.
Hamas' methods of terrorism are limited - by air, sea, land, and underground mediation.
"Hamas uses the blood of Palestinian civilians to create provocations that will bring international attention. Hamas understands that it has to rethink its course and we must act in the hopes this path will lead to calm.
"Those who carry out terrorism and create fires and cut holes in the fences along the Gaza Strip do not do so in order to improve the situation in Jabaliya and Khan Yunis, but as an incentive for its people to fight for a long time in order to conquer Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
"An improved humanitarian and economic situation in the Gaza Strip is an Israeli security interest.The first stage in the arrangement will require a cease-fire, cessation of terror, fire and terror against fences. We will respond to such behavior accordingly by easing humanitarian crossings, increasing the fishing area and improving the electricity and fuel situation in the Gaza Strip.
Minister Galant also addressed the Iranian issue and said: "The most serious security strategic problem facing the State of Israel is Iranian imperialism, which is seeking nuclear weapons and performing acts of global terrorism. The Iranians are sending arms across the Middle East and trying to create a war of attrition between Israel and neighboring countries and organizations with the intention of buying time and using the quiet to enable them to achieve their main goal - to maintain control over a nuclear arsenal."
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