DJ past haunts actor Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd, the Jewish actor whose new movie Dinner with Schmucks recently hit the theaters in the US, may have been surprised and a little bit embarrassed this week to find himself starring in the real-life role of bat mitzva DJ on a new clip uploaded to the Internet.
The homemade video dating from the early ’90s features a yet-to-be famous Rudd entertaining guests at a bat mitzva party in Los Angeles and helping Gabrielle Birkner blow out the candles and dance the limbo. It has already been watched by over 100,000 viewers and been mentioned on the popular Daily Show with John Stewart.
“My mom and dad were searching for bat mitzva DJs that weren’t so expensive and we found him through an agency,” Birkner, who now works as an editor at the Jewish Daily Forward, said on the Jewish publication’s podcast. “I think it’s nice to see a viral video catch on that isn’t a prank fall or a gotcha moment with a politician or something mean-spirited.
It’s just him acting very sweet and trying to make my day special.”