Education Ministry: No more junk food in schools

Schools are forbidden to sell or serve junk food on school grounds, according to new guidelines for proper nutrition in schools released by the Education Ministry on Monday.
According to the new guidelines schools are forbidden from selling drinks and foods with a lot of sugar such as cookies, cakes, croissants, and candy. In addition, schools are forbidden to sell or serve fried foods and processed foods such as hotdogs and kebabs.  Schools are allowed to sell sandwiches from whole wheat bread with eggs, cheese with up to nine percent fat, white cheese with up to five percent fat, humus with up to nine percent fat and tuna.
Education Minister Naftali Bennett said: “The role of the education system is to promote a healthy lifestyle among the children of Israel.  A child that eats right and engages in physical activities is a health child who concentrates more in class. I hope that the habits that we are giving school children and preschoolers will contribute to a change in dietary habits among parents and family.”
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