Efi Nave threatens to sue Army Radio for cellphone hack

Efi Nave, who announced last week his resignation from the position of chairman of the Israel Bar Association, sent a letter of warning before taking legal action to Galey Tzahal and reporter Hadas Shtaif for hacking into his mobile phone, according to Ynet.
While being investigated for the third time
at the offices of the Fraud Investigation Unit at Lahav 433 on suspicion of promoting judicial candidates in exchange for sexual favors, Nave's lawyers delivered the letter to the Galey Tzahal offices and to their journalist, Hadas Shtaif, for allegedly hacking into his mobile phone.
Nave demands NIS 5 million and a public apology from both Galey Tzahal and the journalist.
According to Nave's letter, his phone was hacked and its contents copied, as well as personal messages read, published and sent to the police.