Egypt takes delivery of US fighter jets

CAIRO - The United States has delivered four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, Egypt's military and a US military delegation said on Sunday, highlighting military links between the two countries despite Egypt's political upheaval.
A statement from the American embassy in Cairo said a US delegation and Egypt held a joint ceremony on Sunday to mark the arrival of the jets, the latest of 224 F-16s delivered to Egypt.
US aid, which has brought criticism in the US Congress, has given the United States leverage over Egypt for decades and given its warships preferential access to the Suez Canal.
The US delegation also discussed preparations for October's Bright Star joint training exercises, the largest of their kind in the region, an Egyptian military source said.
Bright Star, held every two years, was scrapped in 2011 following the political upheaval that saw the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak and the installment of the military council as interim leaders until Mohamed Morsi was elected president in June of last year.