Electricity to Beersheba almost cut by 'Electric Fox'

The Israel Electric Company (IEC) has long been dealing with malfunctions caused by natural forces, like the weather, but employees were not expecting a fox to threaten the electricity supply to the entire city of Beersheba. The fox took up residence in a power station near the town some time ago, but employees said that in recent months the canine had "taken control" of the station, changing settings in the station's control panels during his forays there which jeopardized the supply of electricity to the city. Several attempts to capture the fox failed and he even dodged a tranquilizer dart shot by a veterinary. However, he was eventually captured using a trap on Sunday. The fox was examined by a veterinary, marked, vaccinated against rabies and released to an area where he would feel more at home, not before having won the nickname "Electric Fox" by the IEC employees. An IEC official expressed hope that the "Electric Fox" did not suffer during his capture and would soon raise a family of foxes in nature, "while choosing accommodation more appropriate" for his species.