Facing Ulpana bill defeat, Right slams gov't

With his bill to legalize West Bank outposts facing defeat in the Knesset on Wednesday, National Union MK Ya'acov Katz on Tuesday slammed a government plan to carry out the Supreme Court's orders to evacuate houses in the Ulpana outpost outside of the Beit El settlement, dubbing it "destruction for the sake of destruction."
Speaking at the Knesset State Control Committee meeting on the fate of Ulpana, Katz lashed out against proponents of the evacuation such as Minister Benny Begin. "I see with what delicate carefulness you take care of the Beduin," he told Begin, "and with what evil-heartedness you deal with settlers."
"He who brought down Sharon and Olmert will erase this law from Israel," Katz said, alluding to the former Israeli prime ministers whose terms ended due, respectively, to stroke and corruption scandal.
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