Families must leave Sacher Park by March 11

The saga of the battered protest tents in Jerusalem's Sacher Park will come to an end next week, after homeless families spent seven months in tents in the sun, rain, and hail in an effort to force the Housing and Construction Ministry to improve public housing in the capital. The Jerusalem District Court for Administrative Issues ruled on Wednesday that the last protesters living in the tents must evacuate the park on March 11.
Judge Yigal Marzel ruled that adequate solutions had been found for the 11 demonstrators and their children who petitioned the court in January to stay in the park. A group of anonymous business owners agreed to donate whatever amount is needed to make up the difference between the municipality’s temporary grants and the actual cost of rent, said Yaffit Dahan, one of the demonstrators.
In January, the municipality proposed temporary, six-month grants for rental assistance of up to NIS 2,500 per month per family, with an additional grant from the Housing and Construction Ministry. The city’s offer was an attempt to get the residents to leave the park or face forcible eviction. However, the demonstrators petitioned the courts to stay and Judge Marzel granted an injunction against the eviction. The injunction was set to expire at the beginning of March.
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