Family of prisoner detained in Egypt begin public campaign

Odeh Tarabin's family have started a public battle for the release of the Israeli detained in Egypt, Israel Radio reported Thursday.
Odeh, a Beduin shepherd, has been held for 11 years on espionage charges after illegally entering Egypt.
His brother, Eid Tarabin on Thursday told Israel Radio that he received a sign of life from Odeh six months ago in the form of a letter from prison, in which Odeh told him about the hardships of life in Egyptian prison.
Tarabin's family sought the assistance of the Kibbutz Movement following its success in freeing Gilad Schalit. The movement promised to aid the family until Odeh is released home. Kibbutz Movement leader Yoel Marshak said that he would help the family in the same way as he did with Gilad Schalit.
Dozens of Beduins from the Negev were expected to protest in front of the Egyptian embassy on Thursday afternoon.