Former AIPAC staffer in talks with Americans for Peace Now on Iran policy

Former AIPAC staffer in

Former AIPAC staffer Keith Weissman is in talks with Americans for Peace Now about working for the group as a consultant on Iran policy, according to the organization. Weissman worked on Iran issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee before he was arrested on charges of disclosing classified information and subsequently fired from the large pro-Israel lobby. The government dropped the charges against him and co-defendant Steve Rosen in May, and Weissman is now looking for a new position. Americans for Peace Now spokesman Ori Nir said the organization was hoping that Weissman would be able to work in a part-time capacity with the group, but noted that no agreement for him to join had yet been finalized. At this point, funding for the position still needs to be secured. APN, another lobbying outfit in Washington, often takes positions that contrast with AIPAC. When it comes to Iran, AIPAC has been aggressively pushing for the passage of sanctions bills currently pending in Congress. APN, on the other hand, recently put out a detailed policy position which argues against the current legislation in favor of more targeted efforts, to be implemented only when engagement with Teheran has failed. Weissman declined to comment for this story.