Friedman: Israel is losing support from the world

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman warned on Wednesday that Israel is losing support worldwide.
"For the first time in its history, it has bad relations with all three regional superpowers - Turkey, Iran and Egypt - plus rapidly eroding support in Europe," Friedman wrote. "America is Israel's only friend today." He suggested that Israel could improve ties with Turkey and Egypt by making "a more serious effort to safely get out of the West Bank.
Friedman added that Israel's presence in the West Bank "could lead to Israel being equated with apartheid South Africa all over the world."
Friedman also wrote that "it's just silly for us to have Netanyahu addressing the US Congress when he needs to be addressing the Palesitnians down the street. And it is equally silly for the Palestinians to be going to the United Nations for a state, when they need to be persuading Israelis why a Hamas-Fatah rapprochement is in their serucity interest."
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