Gap opens first Israel store in Jerusalem's Mamila Mall

Gap, the popular American clothing retailer, opened its first branch in Israel on Monday evening. Gap hopes that the store, located in Jerusalem's fashionable Mamila Mall, is to be the first of many in Israel and plans to open branches in Tel Aviv Azrieli mall and Herzliya's Arena mall in the next couple of years. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was on hand to fix the shop's Mezuza in accordance with Jewish law and was accompanied by many dozens of eager Jerusalemites who waited outside the store in the hope of being the first Israeli to sample the new range of clothing available. Another popular American clothing company, H&M, hope to follow Gap's lead by entering the Israeli market too. H&M's flagship Israeli store is planned to open in spring next year, also in Tel Aviv's Azrieli Mall. Earlier this week, Gap ran a publicity stunt, whereby Gap's signature blue bags with invitations to the new store's opening were left overnight outside the homes of over 100,000 families in and around Jerusalem.