German court causes uproar over access to neo-Nazi trial

BERLIN - A Munich court caused fresh uproar on Monday when a lottery it used to assign press seats to the trial of a suspected neo-Nazi accused of a series of racist murders left major German dailies and international news agencies without a place in court.
The trial is one of Germany's most anticipated in decades and the murders by the far-right cell, which went undetected for more than a decade, have exposed deep intelligence lapses and a failure to recognize the threat of neo-Nazis.
The court's decisions over how to allow the media to cover the case have been criticized from the outset by victims' lawyers, politicians and rights groups as a fiasco, and Monday's lottery brought yet more criticism and legal threats.
The major German dailies Die Welt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which are without a place, said they would consider legal action. Newspaper Taz said it was looking at a legal appeal for the court proceedings to be transmitted by video.