Hamas to file UN complaint against 'Zionist escalation'

Hamas on Wednesday said it would file a complaint with the UN and the Arab League against the “recent Zionist escalation.”
The Hamas government is planning to contact many governments around the world to “explain the aggressive intentions of the occupation leaders,” said Taher a-Nunu, spokesman for the Hamas government in Gaza City.
He said that Israeli threats to launch an attack on the Gaza Strip coincided with Fatah’s continued crackdown on Hamas supporters in the West Bank.
“Hamas is facing big challenges as the leaders of the occupation threaten to eliminate Hamas,” he complained. “This is in addition to the campaign of arrests and repression waged by Fatah security forces against the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank.”
A-Nunu claimed that Fatah was holding more than 3,000 Hamas supporters in its prisons in the West Bank. He said that among the detainees there were university lecturers, journalists and students.