Haniyeh, Mashaal meet with Sudan's Bashir over Jerusalem

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and senior official Khaled Mashaal met Sudanese President Omar Bashir in Khartoum Thursday, taking turns warning the Sudanese president of Israel's stepped-up efforts to "Judaize Jerusalem," Lebanese news outlet Elnashra reported.
According to Elnashra, Mashaal spoke gravely about the "Judaization of Jerusalem," which has been a common theme of Haniyeh's during his tour of Arab nations that began this last week in Egypt.
Haniyeh said that the Arab world must support maintain the Muslim character of Jerusalem both politically and financially.
According to Elnashra, the Islamist leaders discussed the reconciliation agreement signed between Fatah and Hamas for forming a new unified Palestinian government, and eventual Palestinian "liberation."
The leaders also discussed the role the Palestinian issue is playing within the greater Arab arena, especially in light of 2011's Arab uprisings in North Africa, Bahrain and Syria.
Mashaal joined Haniyeh in the Sudanese capital after the Hamas prime minister stopped for a few days in Cairo this week, as part of his tour of Arab nations. The two were accompanied by a "Hamas delegation" to meet with Bashir.