Haredi man arrested for attempted rape, home invasions

A Haredi man in his 20s was arrested Sunday for attempted rape and two counts of theft from two Haredi women in their apartments in Jerusalem's Beit Yisrael neighborhood, police announced Monday. Police opened an investigation after a woman complained that she was at home when a man knocked on her door, and when she opened it he forced his way in and tried to rape her. She struggled with the man, who then gave up and stole jewelery and silver utensils before fleeing.
A few days later, another woman complained of a similar instance. The police were able to identify the alleged perpetrator and arrested him in his home in Mea Sha'arim on Sunday. Upon further investigation, police discovered that the man had partnered with an Arab man, who would sell the valuables and split the money with the suspect. The suspect's detainment was extended to Thursday.