Head of Egypt's 'Al-Dostour' paper resigns after charges

Islam Afify, the editor-in-chief of Al-Dostour newspaper charged last month with defaming Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, submitted his resignation this weekend due to what he called "excessive interference" from the paper’s owners, Egypt Independent reported.
According to the report, Afify told the al-Hayat satellite channel that "during the recent period, there [was pressure] from the management on the editorial [policy] in addressing issues in a certain way." He added, “my main goal as a journalist is to represent different points of view in a respectful manner, even as we exercise our role to criticize the policies of the [Muslim Brotherhood's] Freedom and Justice party, or the decisions of President Mohamed Morsi.”
Last month, Afify was charged with defaming Morsi and harming the public interest with “inflammatory” articles and was banned from leaving the country.
Since Morsi took office, Al-Dostour has regularly published articles criticizing the Brotherhood, which it claims is planning to turn Egypt into an Islamic state.