Hebrew U Agriculture to hold open day

Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment in Rehovot will be holding an open day on Thursday to all those potentially interested in academic studies there, the university said.
Throughout the day, visitors will be able to lectures, view presentations and explore living examples of agriculture. For example, they will see – and taste – passion fruit, tomatoes and peppers growing in special research facilities, and they will be able to see a water purification system. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to pet lams, goats and chickens.
Experiencing an in-person, real-time impression of the plants, animals and agricultural techniques provides potential students with a great incentive to continue their education on the campus, explained Ronnie Friedman, the dean of the faculty.
Last year, 87 percent of the students that ended up studying animal sciences did so after coming to visit for the open day, he said. More and more, young people are becoming attracted to studying topics like nutrition, agriculture, agro-economics and other topics that allow them to "combine their desire to contribute to the environment with academic studies at Hebrew University," Friedman said.