Hundreds protest the "Holyland reform"

While the cabinet was meeting to debate the budget on Thursday evening, hundreds of protesters gathered at the foot of the Holyland building complex in Jerusalem to protest against the proposed building and construction reform, promoted by the Prime Minister’s Office.
The demonstration was organized by the Society for Protection of Nature Israel (SPNI) and the Responsible Planning Coalition. Walking under the slogan “No to the Holyland State," protesters called on the government to change course on the reform of the building permit process, claiming that in order to prevent future corruption cases like the Holyland affair, the government must stop promoting it the current version of the reform.
Seven busloads of SPNI activists arrived in Jerusalem from across the country to participate in the demonstration. They were met there by Members of Knesset and representatives from a variety of environmental and social organizations and political parties.
Among the speakers at the event were Kadima MK and former Interior Minister, Meir Sheetrit, Labor MK Eitan Kabel, National Union MK Aryeh Eldad, Chadash MK Dov Khenin, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Naomi Tzur and SPNI’s environmental protection director, Nir Papai.