Huntsman calls for new era of US foreign engagement

HOOKSETT - Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman called on Monday for a new era of US global engagement based on strong economic partnerships and a leading role in what he said would be a new "Pacific Century."
Huntsman, a former US envoy to China who bills himself as the most experienced foreign policy hand in the Republican race, said the United States should erase the old Cold War-era maps designed to contain communism and focus on building new relationships.
"Today, we need a foreign policy based on expansion - the expansion of America's competitiveness and engagement in the world through partnerships and trade agreements," he said in a foreign policy speech at Southern New Hampshire University.
Huntsman, struggling to gain traction in a crowded Republican field, also drew several sharp distinctions with rival Mitt Romney, including a slap at his plan for US military supremacy that would include an increase in the Navy shipbuilding rate.
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