IDF foils attempt to smuggle rocket manufacturing materials to Gaza- Watch

The joint effort of the IDF and security forces, aimed at stopping Hamas, is part of a long-term strategy to prevent terrorist activity and defend the citizens of the State of Israel.

Footage of the IDF capturing two vessels trying to smuggle illegal material into Gaza (credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
The IDF thwarted an attempt to smuggle materials meant for manufacturing rockets into the Gaza Strip in early May, The army released for publication Friday morning.
Two Palestinian vessels entered the forbidden area in the southern Gaza Strip on May 11, in violation of security regulations and armistice directives. The navy seized the vessels, and the four suspects on them were transferred for interrogation by security forces.
The Shin Bet investigation revealed that they were on their way from the Gaza Strip to the Sinai coast. From Egypt they intended to smuggle 24 barrels of fiberglass into the Strip, used by Hamas to manufacture missiles.
The suspects were accused of being associated with and attempting to aid Hamas, planning to carry our terror related killings and aiding terror organizations.
"We set clear boundaries in the maritime sphere of the Gaza Strip," according to Colonel Yuval Ayalon, Commander of the Southern Marine Division.
"Borders [have been determined] that on the one hand allow fishermen to make a living, while at the same time attempt to destroy the attempts of terror organizations that threaten to harm Israel by sea. Dedicated and professional soldiers and commanders are working day and night to maintain Israel's security within its maritime borders, and so do the fighters of Division 916 who, combined with the authorities and intelligence services, thwart a dangerous smuggling attempt into the Gaza Strip."
The IDF said that this joint effort of its naval arm with other military units and security forces hurts Hamas's capabilities, and is part of a long-term strategy of preventing terror activity and defending the citizens of the State of Israel.