Illegal waste dumping uncovered in Haifa and Taibe

The Environmental Protection Ministry, in conjunction with the Israel Police, conducted two covert missions to combat illegal waste dumping activities in Haifa and Taibe last week.
In the Haifa "Check Post" area, enforcement officials dispensed tickets prohibiting the operation of five trucks and one tractor for 30 days – due to their involvement in a 10,000-cubic meter pirate waste dump. The Green Police also opened a criminal investigation against all those related to the activity, the ministry said. In a second operation, the Green Police confiscated four trucks that had recently been documented bringing trash to another illegal site in Taibe. 
"Pirate waste sites are severe environmental hazards to residents, and the Environmental Protection Ministry will use every means at its disposal in the fight against this phenomenon," said Environmental Protection Minister Zeev Elkin. "Everyone involved in these activities will have to understand that sooner or later he will pay the price."