Intelligence officer suspected of molesting young children as they slept

Officer in Unit 8200 of

A 24-year-old IDF officer from the prestigious Unit 8200 of the Intelligence Corps was arrested last month after suspicions surfaced that he sexually molested several children as they slept, prior to his military service. Police said in a statement that the officer confessed to molesting young children while babysitting them, but then denied committing the offenses, adding that he "claimed he wished to leave the army and therefore made up the story." The claim was ruled out by the investigation's findings. "Most of the offenses took place at night, while the victims slept," police said. "The suspect would stroke his victims, perform oral sex on them, and rub his genitals against theirs," the statement added. "He knew his acts were forbidden, but did not seek treatment. He still has thoughts on molesting children," police said.